Beneficiaries of the project, 94 high school students from Paris suburbs


© Citoyenneté JeunesseThey are 16 or 17 years old, they are in high school, and they live in the sensitive Paris suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Three high schools in the area take part in this great ambition,

Three high schools with different sociologies in three different cities of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Three cities and three high schools that illustrate the diversity and richness of a territory that usually suffers from a stigmatization of its difficulties. 

These high schools (lycée Evariste Galois in Noisy-le-Grand, lycée Voillaume in Aulnay-Sous-Bois, and lycée Jean Renoir in Bondy) are situated in Paris suburbs, and each have about 2.000 students. Some of them are in very disadvantaged areas – one of them is classified by the state as “Zone of violence prevention”, another is recruiting in “Zones of priority education” or sensitive areas. Their pedagogical plan is based on equal opportunities, citizenship learning and opening up to the world and culture. They are all making their best effort to offer quality education and to foster ambition among their students.

© Photo Pierre-Etienne Vilbert