11 septembre, a documentary by Guy Girard

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On one side: high school students, boys and girls, who took part in a play for the first time in their life, and presented it on the stage of the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. On the other side: people passionate about theatre and dance who provoke the adventure.

In the middle: the terrible terrorist attack that keeps haunting us. It is in this encounter that the movie finds its essence, in the place between politics and poetry.


Seine-Saint-Denis is an area where, maybe more than in other places, the difficulties of our society in crisis appears in a crude and abrupt light. Far from undervaluing them, this movie will try to not reproduce a fixed and cursory image of the suburbs. It will focus on the dynamism and vitality of its youth, with their concerns, their contradictions, their fragilities, and their hopes.

These high school students are often coming from helpless families, with a blurred frame of references. Many of them are Muslim. Many of them have uprooted and jobless parents. 

September 11 will be mulled over. In each school, the principal and its teachers are highly committed in the fight against violence and the awakening of the feeling of citizenship. Their goal is to help their high school students to find the frame of references they are lacking.

We will see personalities emerging in those who have within them a special grace. We will see how a group is formed; how it magnetizes itself; how, through discussions and debates, the thoughts of these teenagers about September 11 are questioned. They were all between 7 and 10 years old at the time of the tragedy. 


Extracts from the statement of intent by Guy Girard, June 2010

The documentary will be broadcasted on the French channel France 2. 

Planned date of broadcasting: end of 2011.